Shirley Temple, her movies, and roles!
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The Educational Films "Baby Burlesks" Series

War Babies (1932)
The Runt Page (1932)
Pie Covered Wagon (1932)
Glad Rags to Riches (1932)
Kid's Last Fight (1933)
Polly-Tix in Washington (1933)
Kid 'n' Hollywood (1933)
Kid 'n' Africa (1933)

Feature Film Debut

Red-Haired Alibi, The (1932)

Educational Films shorts

Merrily Yours (1933)
Dora's Dunkin' Donuts (1933)
Pardon My Pups (1934)
Managed Money (1934)

Featured Roles:

To the Last Man (1933)
Out All Night (1933)
Carolina (1934)
Mandalay (1934)
Now I'll Tell (1934)
Change of Heart (1934)
Stand Up and Cheer (1934)

Starring Roles:

Little Miss Marker (1934)
Based on the Damon Runyon story, a little girl is left by her father as security for a loan. He
gambles, loses, and commits suicide. The little girl (the marker) is raised by the gambling
house owner. This film was made at Paramount.

Baby, Take a Bow (1934)
James Dunn plays a gangster trying to go straight and build a life for his family and daughter

Now and Forever (1934)
Shirley plays Penelope Day and is billed third after Gary Cooper and Carol Lombard.
Cooper plays a criminal father trying to go straight for Penelope’s sake.

Bright Eyes (1934)
Shirley gets top billing and plays an orphan Shirley Blake. This was the first film crafted for
Shirley and gives her a theme song “On the Good Ship Lollipop”. James Dunn plays a flier
forced to parachute out of an airplane (the ship) with Shirley in his arms.

The Little Colonel (1935)
Shirley plays Lloyd Sherman, a little girl who reunites her mother and grandfather (Lionel
Barrymore.) Shirley is paired as a dance team with Bill Robinson.

Our Little Girl (1935)
Shirley plays Molly Middleton, who runs away and reunites her separating parents.

Curly Top (1935)
The first of four Shirley Temple remakes of Mary Pickford silent films. Shirley plays Betsy
Blair. Shirley and her older sister are orphans who are rescued by a rich bachelor (John
Boles.) He adopts Shirley and marries the older sister.

The Littlest Rebel (1935)
Shirley is paired again with Bill Robinson and plays Virginia Houston. She visits Abraham
Lincoln and pleads for the release of her father (John Boles), who was captured by Union
soldiers while visiting his dying wife..

Captain January (1936)
Shirley plays Star a poor orphan who was washed up on the New England seashore and
taken in by a lighthouse keeper (Guy Kibee), and pursued by a truant officer. She dances to
“At the Codfish Ball” with Buddy Ebsen, which is one of her best numbers she did in film.

Poor Little Rich Girl (1936)
Shirley plays Barbara Barry, a girl whose widowed and rich father was too busy to take care
of her. She hooks up with two vaudeville performers played by Jack Haley and Alice Fay.

Dimples (1936)
Shirley plays Sylvia Dolores, and Frank Morgan (The Wizard of Oz) plays her grandfather.
The film is set in New York City during the 1850's.

Stowaway (1936)
Shirley plays Ching-Ching (Barbara Stewart) an orphan of missionaries in China. She is
adopted by a rich playboy (Robert Young) and promotes a romance between Young and
Alice Fay.

Wee Willie Winkie (1937)
This was one of Shirley’s favorite movies. She plays Priscilla Williams who visits her army
grandfather in India. She befriends a prisoner who leads a rebellion and negotiates peace.
The movie was based on Roger Kipling’s story conceived for a boy and was directed by
John Ford..

Heidi (1937)
Shirley plays Heidi based on the story by Johanna Spyri.

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (1938)
Shirley is paired again with Bill Robinson in this Mary Pickford remake. She plays Rebecca
Winstead and dominates this Darryl F. Zanuck musical with Jack Haley and Gloria Stewart.

Little Miss Broadway (1938)
Shirley plays Betsy Brown, an orphan living at a hotel for theatrical performers. She joins in a
battle with the tenants to keep a rich neighbor from closing down the hotel. Shirley explains
her new pigtail hairdo saying “I used to have curls all over my head, but they were a lot of

Just Around the Corner (1938)
Shirley is again paired with Bill Robinson and plays Penny Hale. She helps her formerly rich
widowed father get a good job and a wife.

The Little Princess (1939)
This is often hailed as Shirley’s best film which is also a Pickford remake. She plays Sara
Crew, a daughter of a widower who spoiled her and had to go to war. She is reduced to
working as a servant, but Queen Victoria comes in and straightens everything out.

Susanna of the Mounties (1939)
Shirley plays Susannah Sheldon, the only survivor of an Indian massacre. She is rescued by
the mounted police and helps them improve relations with the Indians.

The Blue Bird (1940)
Shirley plays Mytyl, in this film, which was Fox’s failed answer to “The Wizard of Oz”.
It was her first financial flop.

Young People (1940)
Shirley’s last film in her contract with Fox at age twelve. She plays Wendy in a seen before
orphan and vaudeville couple story. .

Kathleen (1941)
Shirley plays Kathleen Davis, a unhappy daughter of a widower who neglects her. This was
her only film for MGM and it was the first time Shirley appears on screen in a ballgown.

Miss Annie Rooney (1942)
Shirley plays Annie Rooney and gets her first screen kiss from actor Dickie Moore.

Since You Went Away (1944)
Shirley plays “Brig”, the teenage daughter of Claudette Colbert and kid sister of Jennifer Jones
in David Selznick’s wartime epic. .

I'll Be Seeing You (1944)
Shirley plays Barbara Marshall, the kid sister of Ginger Rogers. Joseph Cotten plays Roger’s
romantic interest.

Kiss and Tell (1945)
Shirley plays Corliss Archer in a story about three romantic and prankish teenagers and their
feuding parents. Time reviewed her as “a first-rate comedienne and a very attractive young
lady who forgot none of the tricks that once made her the cinema’s most dreaded scene

Honeymoon (1947)
Shirley plays Barbara Olmstead. She imagines herself to be in love with the vice-consul in
Mexico city who is trying to straighten out Shirley and her new husband.
Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer, The (1947)
Shirley takes her first screen drink and plays Susan, who has a crush on an older bachelor
played by Cary Grant.

That Hagen Girl (1947)
Shirley plays Mary Hagen with the future President Ronald Regan.

Fort Apache (1948)
This film was also directed by John Ford. Shirley plays Philadelphia Thursday and co-stars
with her husband John Agar for the first time. Also co-starring were John Wayne and Henry
Fonda. She plays a Colonel’s daughter whose father objects to her boyfriend (Agar). He
becomes a hero by escaping from an Indian massacre bringing news of it back to the fort.

Adventure in Baltimore (1949)
Shirley co-stars with Robert Young and John Agar and plays Dinah Sheldon. Young plays
her father and Shirley a political rebel who lands in jail for crusading for women’s suffrage.

Mr. Belvedere Goes to College (1949)
Shirley plays Ellen Baker and is pregnant with her first child Linda Susan.

Story of Seabiscuit (1949)
Shirley plays Margaret O’Hara in this story about a famous race horse.

A Kiss for Corliss (1949)
In her last feature film, Shirley reprises her role from “Kiss and Tell".