Shirley Temple dolls Through the Years
Enjoy this page where you can get a glimpse of all the Shirley Temple dolls that have been made so far through Shirley's exciting and amazing life. If you have inherited a doll this may help you decide approximately the time frame she was made in. It would be totally impossible to put all the Shirley Temple dolls on one page. This is just a sample of Ideal dolls, unless stated, that were produced during each era.
Ideal 1930's Shirley Temple Compositon Dolls
The first doll is a 1934 prototype doll she is the only composition doll here not marked Shirley Temple on her neck and back. She is marked with an Ideal label inside her head! The second doll was made between 1935-1936. The next doll to the right has the tighter curls and was also probably made in 1935-1936. The fourth doll is a makeup doll probably made in 1939. Notice her parted hairdo! The last doll on the right is a 1936 makeup doll which had eyeshadow, better definded facial features, and tight curls. The composition dolls have mohair wigs and green glassene sleep eyes.
Ideal 1950's Shirley Temple Vinyl Dolls
The doll on the left is marked Ideal ST-12. She is wearing the hard to find balleriana outfit! The second doll is marked Ideal ST-15. The third and fourth dolls are marked Ideal ST-17 and ST-19 respectively. The right most doll is marked Ideal ST-17 and has flirty or twinkle eyes that not only open and close but move from side to side! These vinyl dolls have saran wigs and hazel brown sleep eyes.
Ideal Shirley Temple dolls from the 1970's-1980's
The first two dolls are from the 1970's. The left most doll is hard plastic and also has seperate outfits from Captain January, The Little Colonel, Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm, and Heidi! The 15 inch doll is a remake of the vinyl doll from the 50's and is marked Ideal ST-15 Hong Kong. She is called "Yesterdays Darling" and was made for Montgomery Wards. The next two dolls on the right are hard plastic and were made as a collectors series in 1980 along with others. Their outfits are from Little Miss Marker and Heidi and their coloring is very light to suggest porcelain. They are marked Ideal 1980 Hong Kong and were made in 8 and 12 inches. The right most doll is a 36 inch playpal made for Garfinkles by Dolls Dreams and Love made in 1984.
Danbury Mint dolls from the 1990's and 2000
The left most doll is the vinyl Danbury mint "Dress up Doll" made in the 1990s. She is marked Shirley Temple in blue script. Many movie outfits were made and sold seperately. The right most doll is the Shirley Temple Antique doll made by the Danbury mint in 2000! She is a porcelain replica of the composition dolls and comes with a replica pin and box. She has a synthetic wig with brown eyes.

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