Category 1: Shirley Temple Composition Dolls

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Entry : doll 1-1


Make - Ideal composition

Ideal all original Shirley Temple make-up doll

Entry: doll 1-2


Make - Ideal 1930's composition

Shirley is a 1930's compo...she is 18" tall...she is fully marked. I purchased her on Ebay as my first compo Shirley. She's far from perfect, but with lots of TLC and great advice from the pros, she looks fabulous and I couldn't be happier!

Her hair is very full, and still had some of the original pins. She has had no restorative work done, no repainting, or any of that sort of thing. I followed the guidelines and recommendations found in Edward Pardella's book for bringing her back to life. Her eyes have been oiled. Her compo was in good shape, with only minimal crazing to her face. Her arm and leg joints, of course, had paint wear and some minimal cracking, but nothing alarming. The tips of her fingers have a few paint rubs, but no compo is missing anywhere. Her poor feet were cracked but not broken, across the top and middle section, as you frequently see. Shirley's painted brows have all but disappeared, but most of the original lip paint remains. Her eyelashes are great. She has the happiest expression on her face. It's almost as if she was trying to tell me "Thank you" for saving her, cleaning her up, and displaying her proudly!

Shirley's adorable pink dress is vintage but not original. Her onesie is a beautiful replacement and fits her perfectly. Her socks are original. She has no shoes. I am still searching.






Entry: doll 1-3


Make- Ideal Name- 13 in. Genuine Shirley Temple doll

Year- 1935

Imperfections- minor crazing on arms and surface dirt

Original- All original wig, hair ribbon, dress with rayon NRA tag tag, slip, button, socks and shoes

Entry: doll 1-4


Make- Ideal Name- Baby Shirley TempleYear: (circa 1934-35)

Imperfections: very, very minor crazing (only a few marks on face), lips have been retouched and eyes have been oiled. Minor crack over right eye has been sealed. Normal wear to fingers and toes.

What's original: original mohair wig, teeth, flirty eyes and tongue. She retains almost all of her original eyelashes and great coloring. Cloth body in tact without tears. Shirley Temple embossed across back of neck.

Entry: doll 1-5 ***Third Place


Make- Ideal

Mint 17 inch Shirley Temple composition doll from the 1930's.

Entry: doll 1-6 *** First Place


Make - Ideal 1930s

She is Made by Ideal in the 1930s... she is 13 inches tall and all original except her hairbow...wearing all original to the doll tagged dress undies socks and shoes from the Bright Eyes movie...her compostion is crazing or cracks.... she has her original wig with loose original curls as the early dolls had...she is in an original Shirley Temple trunk that I have begin to add original dresses from the 1930s... the music note dress and the Captain January dress in pale green... she also has a cute antique dog and of course a monkey {similar to the one in Poor little Rich Girl}, hanging around... When I first saw her years ago she was perfect in my eyes and other than perhaps bringing joy to the life of a little girl in the past as she played with her... I see no imperfections... instead I look at her and remember the happiness and laughter Shirley Temple brought to me as a child with a rocky homelife... and if I listen closely I can almost hear her say Oh , My goodness..or I'd want an old straw hat...a pair of overalls and a worn out pair of Shoes.....




Entry: doll 1-7 ***Second Place


Make - Composition 16 inches by Ideal 1934

Imperfections: She has a little crazing on her face, legs and arms.

What’s original: All original. Wig and clothes. Tagged dress. Marked head and body with pin The world´s Darling. Genuine Shirley Temple doll. Original shoes and socks.

Entry: doll 1-8


:Make- Composition 20 inches by Ideal

20" Shirley Temple doll in near mint condition with clear eyes and perfect curls, wearing rare Stowaway Chinese outfit.

Entry: doll 1-9

Make: Ideal composition doll

This is my 18 " shirley temple that I restored from head to toe and did lens repalcement therapy, she is also the doll that helped me so much in helping the shirley's see again.This poor shirley came to me with a frankenstien split in her head, and every finger on both of hands were missing, she had seam splits and she was very sick, but now she is all well! she is wearing red pin corduroy music note dress I made for her and her markings on her head are shirley temple and shirley temple on her back.

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