Premera Healthy Rewards Login (2024)

1. Healthy Rewards - Premera Blue Cross

  • As a Premera Blue Cross Medicare Advantage member, you can now earn rewards for your healthy choices in 2022 through the Premera Blue Cross Healthy Rewards ...

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2. Get Started - Medicare Welcome - Premera Blue Cross

  • Sign up to earn rewards. The Premera Blue Cross Healthy Rewards program gives you the opportunity to earn rewards for taking care of your health.

  • Welcome to Premera Medicare AdvantageThanks for being a Premera Medicare Advantage (HMO) plan member. At Premera, we believe your good health is everything, and we strive to make healthcare simple and easy for you to use.Welcome to Premera Medicare AdvantageThanks for being a Premera Medicare Advantage (HMO) plan member. At Premera, we believe your good health is everything, and we ... Read More

3. Login | Health Account Benefits Portal

  • Welcome to Premera. Optum Financial is advancing the way people save, spend, pay and invest for health care. Please click below to access your account. Member ...

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5. Premera Blue Cross | Washington State Health Care Authority -

  • Learn about the Premera plans. On this page: Full benefits | Summary of benefits | Costs | Find providers | Plan options | About Premera Return to Medical plans ...

  • Learn about the Premera plans.

6. Download Premera Healthy Rewards 2.744.0 APK for Android - APKPure

  • Download the latest version of Premera Healthy Rewards (2.744.0) APK for Android. Health and Wellness Rewards.

  • Download the latest version of Premera Healthy Rewards (2.799.0) APK for Android. Health and Wellness Rewards

7. Premera Healthy Rewards for Android - Free App Download - AppBrain

  • 5 jun 2024 · Premera Healthy Rewards is a health & fitness app developed by HealthMine Services, Inc.. The APK has been available since September 2023. In ...

  • Download Premera Healthy Rewards for Android: a free health & fitness app developed by HealthMine Services, Inc. with 500+ downloads. Health and Wellness Rewards

8. Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield: Home

  • Looking for the best in health insurance in Arkansas? Discover a wide selection of options to meet your insurance needs from the best provider in the state.

9. Blue Cross of Idaho: Idaho Health Insurance

  • Blue Cross of Idaho: Trusted health partner in ID. Individual & family plans, Medicare solutions & more. Explore options!

10. Wellness Program - City and Borough of Juneau

  • Health Yourself Fitness Class Tracker (20 Healthy Reward points). Health ... Premera Nurseline: 1800.841.8343 – This is the number for Premera's FREE 24 ...

  • Employee Assistance Program –

11. CVS OTC Benefits, Over the Counter Health Solutions

  • Learn more about OTC benefits. An illustration of a man using his Medicare Advantage benefit. What caregivers should ...

  •® is not available to customers or patients who are located outside of the United States or U.S. territories. We apologize for any inconvenience.

12. Optum Financial - Connecting Health Care & Finances

  • Health savings accounts (HSAs). Your HSA is ready when you need it. Whether it's prescription refills today or health costs down the road, you're saving smart ...

  • We improve health and financial well-being by transforming how people and organizations save, spend, invest and pay for health care.

13. Premier Plan: Health Insurance Plan With Low Costs, Simple Copays

  • Logout Login. search. close. WMT. Logout ... Convenient access to virtual care. Getting to a healthier you is easier with your virtual health benefits.

  • Overview of plan featuring copays

14. Menu | Panera Bread

  • Check out your favorite Panera meals and view our full menu of breakfast, salads, sandwiches and more.

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Premera Healthy Rewards Login (2024)


How do I login to Premera? ›

Open your browser and go to: 5. Enter your User ID and password. If you can't remember your User ID or password, select the Forgot User ID/Password link.

What is the phone number for Premera Blue Cross? ›

How to pay premera bill? ›

Pay with bank bill pay
  1. Access your bank's online bill pay system. Have your subscriber ID handy.
  2. When setting up your bank bill pay, select Premera Blue Cross.
  3. When prompted, select this exact address: Premera Blue Cross Member Premiums. PO Box 840547. Los Angeles, CA 90084-0547.

Are Premera and Blue Cross the same? ›

Premera was founded as Washington Hospital Service in 1933, and began operating in Alaska in 1957. In 1969, the company's name was changed to Blue Cross of Washington and Alaska. In June 1998, Blue Cross of Washington and Alaska merged with Spokane's Medical Service Corporation under the name Premera Blue Cross.

Is Premera only in Washington state? ›

We've provided access to healthcare for people in Washington state since 1933, and in Alaska since 1952.

Is Premera Blue Cross a high deductible plan? ›

Premera Blue Cross offers certain high-deductible health plans that are qualified for use with Health Savings Accounts. HSA's allow members to save for qualified medical expenses their health plan may not cover.

Why did I get a check from Premera Blue Cross? ›

These rebates are thanks to the Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) provision in the Affordable Care Act. It requires health insurance carriers to refund members part of premiums received if they do not spend the required percentage on health care services, such as doctor and hospital bills.

Can I use Premera Blue Cross out of state? ›

When you're traveling away from home, you have BlueCard coverage (across the U.S., Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands), which is in-network access to providers that are contracted to use Blue Cross or Blue Shield companies. To find a doctor while you're away from home, sign in to your account, and use Find a Doctor.

How do I pay my card bill? ›

Most credit card issuers let you pay your credit card bill by phone, through an online account or mobile app, or by mail. You may also be able to pay in person. Here's what to know about how to pay credit card bills and why it's so important.

How do I cancel my Premera Blue Cross coverage? ›

Cancellations must be completed within 60 days of receiving notice from your employee. Provide written notice within 60 days from the date of notification. This notification may be submitted via email directly to

Is there a way to pay bills online? ›

Gather your bills, including account numbers and the addresses to where you mail the payments. Enter each biller's information into your bank's online bill pay platform, or choose them from a list provided by your bank. Choose when to send the payment. Select a recurring or one-time payment.

How do I change my Premera password? ›

To reset your password or unlock your account, enter your User ID and select Send. If you have 3 consecutive unsuccessful login attempts, your account will automatically lock. Resetting your password also will unlock a locked account.

Is Premera Blue Cross nationwide? ›

About Premera Blue Cross

Premera is headquartered in Washington State and provides health benefits to 2.8 million people nationwide.

How do I go paperless on Premera? ›

An explanation of benefits (EOB) isn't a bill. It explains how your benefits were applied to a particular claim. To get EOBs online, instead of in your mailbox, login at Under My Account, select Account Settings to turn on Paperless EOBs.

What is the payer ID for Premera? ›

Claim payer IDs by category for Premera
Premera Blue Cross*0043000430

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