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Welcome.........All of our mini donkeys have their basic vaccinations, are registered,and micro chiped...
with pedigrees that reach back to the original Mediterranean imports in 1928.
The original ancestral family members of our herd were imported from Sardinia.
In our pedigrees you will find Impheus the first mini jack used to breed within the United States.
You will also find Little Sardine, Little Rachel , Benita , Tattu las Mundas,and others from the first eighteen imported.
Then,at our farm ,we have our own fine friend andhistoric fellow LCR Valintino 53rd.

When our little ones leave you will have shots records, a halter, wormed, hooves trimmed,
and know how to care for your minidonkeys.Then of course ,we are always around to answer questions.
We have been miniature donkey breeders for 34 plus years.

2023 newborns.
I may not have taken their photos yet.
I may have taken theirphotos and be looking for my notes on
how to put theirnewborn photos on the web page.
Many times I have notsent in their official paper work and their
registered name may still be able to be changed.
Contact us if you donot see what you want....
They do need a buddy.
Enjoy looking

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (1)

Checkout these cuddly Bengal Kittens
They make a unique indoor buddy
Click here to learn more

Thinking of a miniature donkey baby . Seeour for sale
information on miniature donkey babies below .We are
sureyou will find a baby to be a companion or become a
breedingjennet or herd sire for your mini donkey farm.
We have shipped
all over the United States and a number of other
countries.As you will see from our mini donkey
photographs all our littledonkeys are friendly, tame, and
sweet.Take time to look atour Family Album Page.
ou will see how our little mini donkey foals
(just another name for baby or babies or newborns)
are with children,horses, and all sorts of friends.

JKP Bella Tres


Dam (Mom)...JKPMargie

gray 29 inches

Sire (Dad)....JKPOscar

brown...28 and 1/2 inches

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (2)

Margie and baby Bella Tres...

say Howdy.

Bella Tres is anhistorically pedigreed mini donkey

going back to 1928. She is a sweet heart.

cost $3800.

JKP Ft Worth

Born: September 9 , 2023

Dam ( Mom) JKPTootsie Roll

Dun gray 33 inches


brown 28 & 1/2 inche

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (3)

Fort Worth is a darlinglittle boy. This was suppose to be a

video . I did not follow the directions correctly. Now imagine

I did it right. Ft worth is nuzzling and kissing on and

wagging his tail..... just being a playful little boy.

price....$2,800. Sold

JKP Turbo

Born: October 8, 2022

Dam ( Mom)JKP Opal

gray 32 and 1/2 inches

Sire (Dad) JKP Oscar

brown 28 and 1/2 inches

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (4)

Turbo and mom Tootsie Roll

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (5)

Turbo and Sally getting to know each other!

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (6)

Turbo is a wonderful Toy mini donkey. He is sooooo sweet.

Of course he is historically pedigreed back to 1928 imports. Sold


Born: May 27 ,2022

Dam ( Mom) Margie

gray dun 29 inches

Sire (Dad) JKP Nitro

brown 31&1/2 inches

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (7)

Liberty has amazing ears!

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (8)

Mom Margie and baby Liberty get

so much attention.

Liberty is a sweet little girl. She is tiny.

She is registered and pedigreed.


JKP Dustin

Born: Feburary 18, 2022

Dam ( Mom) JKP Bridgette

Dun gray 32 inches

Sire (Dad) JKP Nitro

brown 31 & 1/2 inches

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (9)

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (10)

Dustin was having fun entertaining

Beau ,Jasper,and Carol.

Dustin is a fun little boy. He follows you everywhere

and loves being the center of attention. He will make a fine

addition to your family. He is registered and pedigreed.


Miniature Donkeys for Sale (11)

This is DeDe . She is the cutest little girl. I have

to find which phone I have more photos of her on.

This is a start. You cannot see in this photo,but

she has a mostly white tail with a black end tip.

DeDe has a small white star on her forhead.

She is registered and historically pedigreed.

DeDe is a wonderful mini donkey


JKP Murphy

Born: June 1,2021

Dam ( Mom) JKP Peach

Dun gray 32 inches

Sire (Dad) JKP Nitro

brown 31 & 1/2 inches

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (12)

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (13)

Murphy is a Delightful little boy. As you can see he loves

Attention. He is registered and Historically pedigreed.


JKP Bella

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (14)

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (15)

Bella is a sweet heart....As you can see. She is

registered and pedigreed.


JKP Trent

Born.....Oct. 7,2020 dark brown

Dam (Mom)....JKPOpal

Brown.....32 and 1/2 inches

Sire(Dad)......JKP Oscar

Brown.....29 inches

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (16)

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (17)

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (18)

As you can see......Trent loves attention. He is soooo

much fun. He is registered and pedigreed. Bet you want

to add him to your family. SOLD

JKP Daisy

Born: June 20,2020

Dam ( Mom) Gracie Gray

brown /black 32 and 1/2 inches

Sire (Dad) JKP Adian

brown 31 inches

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (19)

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (20)

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (21)

Daisy is cute ....Sweet......Fun.......Hope you enjoy her photos!


JKP Judy

born....August 28,2019

Dam (Mom)...JKP Laurie Darlin

gray 32 inches

Sire (Dad)....JKP Nitro

brown ...31 and 1/2 inches

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (22)

Judy has pretty garter stripes on her legs.She has a

wonderful nature! More photos soon.

Judy will be registered and pedigreed. She is

defintely a sweetheart. SOLD

JKP Percheron

born: August 18, 2019

Dam .....JKP Bridgette 32 inches

Sire.....JKP Nitro 31&1/2 in

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (23)

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (24)

Percheron enjoys attention

from Cayden and Trenton

Percheron is registered and pedigreed. He is affectionate and has spirit.


JKP Hicupp

Born.....June 21,2019 dark brown

Dam (Mom)....JKP Gracie Gray


Sire(Dad)......JKP Aidan

32 inches....Brown

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (25)

Hicupp and mom Gracie Hiccup is very


He is historically pedigreed.

He will make a fun extended family

member. sold

Sassy Sally

Born : June 6 , 2019

Dam (Mom) Lil' Foot Cherokee Rose

dark/brown/red 32 inches

Sire (Dad) JKP Nitro

brown 31 &1/2 inches

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (26)

Sassy is just about perfect

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (27)

I should have had a pink bow on Sassy

Sassy Sally is historically pedigreed . She is just a hoot and you

will love her.



born: April 13 2016

32 inches.....color gray/brown

dam(Mom) JKP Marcelita.....32 inchesdark brown

sire ( dad) JKP Nitro...31 1/2 in color Gray

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (28)

We love Aidan's ears .Mini donkey ears are amazing shape ,in size, in ability to roate them.... and express their feelings.

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (29)

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (30)

He loves attention. Aidan is the litttle jack on your left.

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (31)

Aidan is a fine looking little jack. He won Grand Champion at the Ft Worth Stock show 2017

If you are looking for a well trained , friendly little mini donkey jack...Aidan is the one. He belongs to one of our customers. They have decided to sell him. He is not only a show winner he is a great friend and would be a good sire or barnyard friend for you. Aidan is a handsome gray with brownish /black markings. Stunning fellow.

Sold Is at home in Georgia now


Born......May 9, 2019

Dam (Mom) JKP Clara

32 inches gray

sire (Dad) JKP Nitro

31 1/2 inches Brown

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (32)

Aquaman's coat is so soft. Don't you want to pick him up?

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (33)

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (34)

Aquaman is a charmer. He will not only follow you for attention . He will have you following him.

Sold Has a new home in Texas.


Born: June 2,2019

Dam ( Mom) Tootsie Roll

brown /black 33inches

Sire (Dad) JKP Nitro

brown 31&1/2 inches

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (35)

Augustus and Noah are friends

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (36)

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (37)

Doesn't he have wonderful bangs!

Augustus has lots of personality. He is pedigreed back to 1928. Imagine haveing him in your family.


sold Miniature Donkeys for Sale (38)
Aunt Bea's little baby


Miniature Donkeys for Sale History of the Miniature Mediterranean Donkey Feeding and Care How to buy one of our animals Family Album

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Hope you enjoy becoming a miniature donkey breeder or have them just simply for friends.

If you are looking for Maryland bowtie, Albuquerque - dreamer-Dallas -Abilene-Ms-Hillsboro-Honey, Killeen-Denver-Phoenix-New York Lady, Corrales, Boomer went to- Arkansas,Rhode Island Red, Dallas, Bella ,Kid Spicewood, Australia Son,-Arizona ,Twilight,DC ,Westminster Ribbon- Santa Fe, Amarillo Sunshine , Miss Oklahoma City-Knoxville Kate, Pittsburgh Pete, Sandy Park boy, Santos, Sweet Clovis, Logan, Utah, Will, Ms. Tyler,Corky ,Austin Star, Ma boy, San Antonio Rose, Paris Hilton, Austin, Arizona Flats, Connecticut Winner Alexandria, Dahlea has a new home in France, Cody and Merlin have won many titles in England, Dorje of Brazil, Odessa Dude, Arizona went to Hereford -Roswell Beauty , Misty, Mr. Hobbs, Bastrop Slinger, Duke England and Plano, Los Alamos, Eubanks -Florida Flower, Ireland Mist, Quint , Marcelina, Oklahoma Sun-Espanola ,Prosper Murr , Minnie- Minnesota, Quil moved to Santa Fe, Raider is going to Lubbock,GiGi and Nigel are going to San Miguel Allende,Mr. Frisco, Azle, Tupelo, Weatherford -Boy-Fredericksburg- and Edgewood Spirit , Hamilton-New York Sally, Lenah- Oklahoma-City-Sweetie, Placitas they are sold....... don't be unhappy we have more little mini donkeys to be born. Thanks for your interest.

Miniature Donkeys for Sale (2024)


Are miniature donkeys good pets? ›

Yes, miniature donkeys make good pets and, in fact, most people that own miniature donkeys prefer them to other pets. Mini donks are affectionate, they can bond with all the members of the fam, and don't require more upkeep than most other pets.

How much land do you need for 2 mini donkeys? ›

Two miniature donkeys will require a minimum 1 acre of land. Poor quality or wetness in winter may indicate the need for a greater area. This should be subdivided into sections to ensure against overgrazing and prevent over eating. Droppings should be cleared daily from the pasture.

What is the lifespan of a miniature donkey? ›

The dark points are found in all donkeys but are not too common, the light points being the norm. Life expectancy for well cared miniature donkeys is around 30-35 years so they are truly a lifetime pet.

Are mini donkeys hard to keep? ›

Mini donkeys are actually considered easy-to-keep animals because they can thrive on a diet of high-quality hay alone. However, it is still helpful to provide a pasture for them to graze. You will also need to make sure that your mini donkey has access to clean water on a daily basis, especially during the summer.

What are the disadvantages of a donkey? ›

But donkeys have a few disadvantages, too. They're also a prey animal and not protective against smaller predators like weasels or bird predators. They can be dangerous to pet or herding dogs. Donkeys won't protect the family or the farm.

Are mini donkeys high maintenance? ›

Mini donkeys require much less care than other animals of their nature. For example, horses and dairy cows can be very high-maintenance pets compared to mini donkeys. However, for the companionship that they bring, these donkeys really don't require special care unless they are pregnant.

Should donkeys be stabled at night? ›

Unlike a horse, donkeys do not have a natural build-up of grease to make their coat waterproof, and they originate from hotter climates. For this reason, they should always have access to a shelter or stable where they can hide from the elements.

Are male or female mini donkeys better? ›

If you want a donkey for a pet, drive or just to take for walks then a gelding or mare would be more suitable than a stallion. Despite their size, miniature donkey stallions can be just as difficult to handle and are potentially as dangerous as standard size donkeys.

Can I keep a mini donkey in my backyard? ›

While there are no laws prohibiting you from keeping a mini donkey in your backyard, you may want to consider how much space the donkey will be able to have in a fenced yard. According to recent studies, you should have at least half an acre of land per donkey.

Will miniature donkeys keep coyotes away? ›

While they may deter some predators, they can also become targets for larger predators or packs of dogs that see them as potential threats or prey. At least once per year, we get photos of donkeys that have been mauled by predators. Mini donkeys should NEVER be used as livestock guardians for this very reason.

What is the average cost of a miniature donkey? ›

Breeder/Family Farm- There are many miniature donkey breeders across the US. Most that we have seen charge on the low side of $800 and up to over $5000 for a single donkey. Many will have contracts that state you will not breed and will get a Jack gelded as soon as safe.

Can you house train a miniature donkey? ›

His unusual upbringing has its perks. Tiny Tim is house-trained, loves to cuddle and play with his pup friends.

What is the friendliest donkey breed? ›

The Sicilian donkeys are one of the most affectionate and friendliest of the donkey breeds. Generally tame and gentle, they seek attention from their human companions and are easier to manage due to their small size.

What two animals make a donkey? ›

A donkey is the offspring of a male donkey (a jack) and a female donkey (a jenny.). A mule is the offspring of a male donkey (a jack) and a female horse (a mare.) A hinny is the offspring of a male horse (a stallion) and a female donkey (a jenny.).

What do donkeys do at night? ›

Donkeys snooze standing up, and when they're in a deep sleep, you'll find them lying down on the floor.

Are miniature donkeys aggressive? ›

The reason for this is that a male miniature donkey, or a jack, may become aggressive if they are the only miniature donkey around. Females typically have an easier temperament and would be easier to train. Miniature donkeys each have their own unique bray, or hee-haw, basically like their own unique voice!

Are mini donkeys affectionate? ›

They form close attachments to their owners and to other donkeys. Donkeys are herd animals and do not respond well to isolation. Because of their laid-back personalities, they make wonderful pets and companions for children, people with disabilities, and elderly people.

Can mini donkeys be house trained? ›

Tiny Tim is small for a donkey, but not for a pet.

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